Part 1 - "The Slants, A Conversation with Simon Tam"

Listen in as  AppDetex sits down with Simon Tam to discuss in depth his struggle to get his case in front of the US Supreme Court and how that case is reshaping trademark law.

Tam, an Asian American musician, author, marketer, and activist is redefining the legal landscape surrounding federal trademark restrictions and first amendment rights.  

This video is part 1 in a 3-part series and was live streamed on August 8, 2017.




Part 2 - "Legal Landscape After the Slants"

AppDetex  continues the conversation with Anne Gilson, attorney, trademark law expert and author of the book series Gilson on Trademarks.  Gilson sits down with AppDetex and shares her thoughts and perspectives in part two of our ongoing discussion surrounding the recent Matal v. Tam decision on disparaging marks. Listen in as she discusses how The Slants case is changing trademark law and what the future holds for scandalous, offensive and other controversial trademarks.



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