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Bad actors are constantly evolving. Beat them at their own game.

Fight Infringement in Mobile Apps

Scalable enforcement is the key.

Discover how to:

  • Design an effective enforcement framework to move swiftly
  • Automate widespread detection across app marketplaces, including third party app stores
  • Deploy efficient enforcement strategies that align with your
    m-commerce goals
  • Assess the effectiveness of your enforcement efforts and refine accordingly


Fake apps need real solutions.

Our guide helps you:

  • Understand how infringement impacts your business
  • Create a scalable enforcement program
  • Deploy efficient enforcement measures

Take action the right way.

Optimize your infringement efforts in third party app stores with our guide. We’ll show you:

  • Why third party stores present unique enforcement challenges
  • What documents you need to have on hand before you report
  • Hints and suggestions on who to contact and how
  • When to reach out to the developer directly

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