Fight infringing apps in the major app stores.

Step-by-step guides to report infringement.

eGuides-App Enforcement in Major App Stores

Don’t let bad actors take advantage of your brand.

Infringing apps are a real risk. Every day thousands of new apps are uploaded to the major app stores. These stores work hard to weed out bad actors, but it only takes one infringing app to siphon away your customers.


Fake apps, real risks.

Infringing apps decrease the authenticity of your customers’ experiences, increase support costs, and cause real damage to your brand’s reputation. Brands need to be vigilant when it comes to enforcement.


Step by step guides to enforcement.

Our guides show you how to report an infringing app

  • Detailed walkthrough of reporting in the major app stores.
  • What documents you need to have on hand before you report.
  • When to reach out to the developer directly.
  • How to manage expectations about your reports.

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