Hundreds of stores, hundreds of requirements to meet.

One guide to navigate a variety of different enforcement requirements efficiently and effectively.

Guide - App Enforcement on 3rd Party App Stores

Frustrated by infringement in third party app stores?

There are over three hundred third party app stores online, each with their own unique requirements for enforcement. With over two thousand new apps uploaded every day, navigating this complex landscape is time-consuming and can quickly become overwhelming.


Successful enforcement = authentic experiences.

Keeping your consumers safe and their experience with your app authentic requires effective enforcement measures. Knowing how to report infringement across the wide variety of third party app store platforms can be extremely challenging without guidelines.


Take action the right way.

Optimize your infringement efforts in third party app stores with our guide. We’ll show you:

  • Why third party stores present unique enforcement challenges
  • What documents you need to have on hand before you report
  • Hints and suggestions on who to contact and how
  • When to reach out to the developer directly

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